Who I Am

I’m not gonna lie, answering this question is always super awkward for me because I either give people my whole life story, or I tell them nothing about myself.

My name is Mo. I always start with “My name is,” because if I ever say, “I’m Mo,” people think my name is just Oh (the Ms just blend, ya know?). I am from Salt Lake City, but I currently live in Logan, Utah where I am studying Communication Studies at Utah State University. GWAGGIES!

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed all things art, dance, sports, travel, fashion, and fun! I love being able to find the positive in these things and share it! I started this blog because I wanted to do just that… I wanted to share the sunshine! All I ask in return is that you send sunshine my way too… share your ideas with me too! Thanks for reading this and for being a part of my journey! This is gonna be way fun!

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