My Morning Ritual

So… I’m going to try to keep a long story short! I’m a story teller though, so we’ll see how this turns out.

A couple of months ago my friend asked me if I had a morning ritual. I did. But, I had never called it that before. In fact, I had recently been slacking because it was the middle of Summer and I work from home so… who on earth has time to wake up early in the morning and do their routine?!

And further than that, it didn’t have a name like “morning ritual” yet so it didn’t seem important. Lesson #1 for myself: give everything important a name or a title. That makes it seem more official in my head so I actually do it. I don’t know the psychology behind that, but it helps me!

Anyway, this simple question was the first domino in my mind of many dominos; I thought about it for days… like literally DAYS! I thought about things like:

  • what I was doing in my morning ritual
  • what time I was doing it at
  • how often I was doing it
  • if it was even making me happy (yes, I was watching Marie Kondo)

… and a lot of other things.

Anyway, I realized that I needed to write it down, plan a time to start, and STICK TO IT! Why is it so hard for me to stick to something that’s good for me? I don’t keep my room clean, I don’t stick to diets, I don’t stick to work out plans… it’s HARD! That’s why… It’s simply hard to start a new habit! For me, it took a lot of days forgetting, and then remembering and setting a reminder, and then forgetting again, and then remembering, and then……. you get it, it’s a cycle.

I’m genuinely surprised right now. Why? Because I haven’t fallen back into my cycle in a month and a half! After fine-tuning my ritual and creating something that I love, I’ve been I’ve been able to stick to my morning ritual and it MAKES A DIFFERENCE in my everyday life! Here’s what I do:

Wake up at 5:45 AM

Get out of bed, brush my teeth, eat a very light snack by 6:00 AM

Read for 30 minutes. Read anything I want that day! I usually opt for scriptures or inspirational books, but lately I’ve been going with murder mysteries. This gets my mind going!

Go on a 45 minute run, take a walk around the block, do some jumping jacks… basically do anything that gets my blood pumping… for 45 minutes!… and by then it’s like 7:15 (if you can name this movie, I am genuinely impressed)!

Shower, get dressed, get ready, do whatever… I have an hour to do this.

Then at 8:15, I ALWAYS look in the mirror and tell myself I love myself and that other people love me. I phrase it in different ways for 10 minutes. That sounds weird, but it has fixed a lot of self-confidence-related issues I’ve had in the past. It has helped me to value myself and what I have to say. It has helped me to feel important!

It’s 8:25 and I always have to leave (or just try be out of the house and work somewhere outside) by 8:30, so since my bags were packed the night before, I can just grab them and go 😀

When I was fine-tuning this plan, I realized I don’t like eating a large breakfast. It makes me feel sick. So I eat a small snack early in the morning and I’m fine until lunch. I also realized that I prefer to wake up early in the morning and get things done rather than staying up late at night. I had to really look inside of myself and figure out what works for me.

Similarly, I hope you find what works for you! I took some people’s ideas, twisted them to be my own, and changed the time on them since I wasn’t going running at 4 AM.


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