You know the “junior year is the hardest” stereotype? Ya, I’m a junior! I tried not to go into it saying that it would be the hardest, but oh my… it’s the hardest so far! It’s my second week and I’m already drowning in homework. BUT…


Well… not today, but tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited! My friends and I call ourselves the FRONT ROW 50 (FR50 for short). We call ourselves that because we are on the front row, 50 yard line of every football game, and on the front row, right behind our team at every basketball game. I LOVE being an AGGIE! It’s exhilarating and nothing is better!

Anyway, my friends and I camp outside of the stadium or spectrum for every football and basketball game! It’s our tradition! So tonight, we camp! It’s exciting!

Nothing is harder than college, but nothing is better than being here at Utah State! I love everything about it! I love the people, the experiences, the events, the games, the student section, the culture, EVERYTHING! I am so grateful!

Two years down (heck ya!), one and a half to go (glad to be done, sad to be leaving)!


*this post is dedicated to myself for working hard and being able to graduate in three and a half years! It took a lot of hard work and I still think about giving up every day! But I’ve learned that it’s not about finding the motivation, it’s about doing it anyway!