We Da Happy People

a very blurry picture of some very happy people

I started a “We Da Happy People” document when I was a freshman in college. Some of my roommates had been very negative and kept bringing up that their lives were only getting harder every single day. My mom always said, “WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS!” And I never understood that until I thought about how when I focus on being happy, I keep finding happy, positive things in my life. But, when I focus on all of the bad things that are happening, I keep finding bad things happening to myself. So, I made this document–it’s like the Constitution but it is about being happy!

So, here it is. A copy of my “We Da Happy People” declaration. You can comment down below and that can be your signature… or you can come over to my house and sign the physical copy! Whatever floats your boat đŸ˜€


We promise to:

1. Not say negative things about ourselves or others. If we do, we must say three compliments about the person we spoke negatively about.

2. Not complain about our situations (NOT EVEN HOMEWORK). If we do, we must say three things we are grateful for.

3. Compliment at least one stranger every day.

4. Always look for the positive in life!

5. Change our mindsets from “Why is this happening to me?” to “Why is this happening FOR me?”

A short document, but one that has changed my life nonetheless!

If you were to make your own “We Da Happy People” declaration, what promises would you make in it? What changes would you make in your life?

Whatever your answer was to those questions… just do those things! Stop thinking about making changes in your life without acting on them! When you write down your goals or ideas, you are more likely to stick to them! So write those things here; make yourself happy; and come back and share your sunshine! This is EXCITING!

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